What’s On My Phone? (Part 3) [Documenting the Aun Music Collection #04]

Two quick albums from my phone, which is in need of a replacement now due to charging port issues.

A.C. Newman — “The Slow Wonder” (2004

A.C. Newman is likely best known for his work with The New Pornographers, an indie rock/pop group founded in the late 90s that continues on today. If you enjoy The New Pornographers and Neko Case’s solo work, you’ll likely find something worth listening to here. No tracks stood out as particularly weak. It’s definitely not a wholly unique album, but it’s worth a listen nonetheless.

Arrington de Dionyso — “Abraxasaxophonic Smooth Jazz Vagina”

Where is the boundary between a sound collage / experiment and music? Art versus non-art? This album will evoke that discussion. One person’s random noise is another’s masterpiece, and while I wouldn’t call this a masterpiece and would have difficulty justifying it to the average music listener, it’s not altogether rubbish. I don’t know what I just listened to after every play of this album, yet I keep coming back to it.

The album art alone is worth a buck or two on Bandcamp!



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