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2 min readApr 27, 2021

Numerous MMORPGs have been developed over the years, with many not even reaching an early access release. Of those that reached early access, many failed to survive until launch. Even more made it to launch, only to eventually close down. The Aun Collective is offering games through Timaru Gaming that no longer have an official live server and have either released the server files for use by the community or permission has been granted by the rights owner.

We are currently working on launching officially on August 1st, 2021 with a lineup of four games. We are currently beta testing two of those games: Mystica — The Ninth Society & Boundel. Download links and instructions for accessing each server are listed below.

Mystica — The Ninth Society

Download: Steam ($1.99)

Server: auncollective.hopto.org


Download: Steam (FREE)

Instructions for Accessing Server:

[1] Open Windows Explorer and go to your Steam folder.

[2] Open the folder steamapps\common\Boundel\data

[3] Open the file Login.idx in Notepad.

[4] Add the following line:




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