Streaming Movies & OpenArena Server on Meg’s Dog Part 2

This is turning out to be a lot more troublesome than it should be!

We can stream movies finally, albeit the adaptive bit rate doesn’t seem to adapt. I might need to modify the settings on either end. I would hate to drop down to 720p for everyone. We’ll continue to work on this in the future. We’ll count the ability to watch anything as a short-term success but this will need much more refinement in the future.

OpenArena Server

I always forget my luck with OpenArena dedicated servers on Linux. Without fail, I have the distribution(s) that have a broken copy in the repo. Ubuntu 20.04 follows this with the current available version having at least one library that didn’t compile correctly. Supposedly downloading the Github at OpenArena/gamecode will fix the issue. Waiting for compilation to finish.

Yup! If you receive an error about a few libraries on startup or when changing maps and you are running Ubuntu 20.04, clone the above git, build it, and replace the impacted libraries.



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