SlimieOnline 2

An Obscure & Abandoned World Where Slimes Reign Supreme (and Must Be Paying the Server Bill)

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The 2D action-based platform MMORPG, popularized by MapleStory, Elsword, La Tale, a few other examples, is one of the least offensive yet most often overlooked sub-genres of the MMO space. Many appear to be a bit too childish or attract obnoxious players to the community (i.e. MapleStory), suffer from a bit of input lag that’s frustrating to those who cut their teeth on console platformers, suffer from questionable collision detection, and/or fail to fuse the roleplaying and action-platforming elements sufficiently to draw in a significant population from fans of either genre. The three aforementioned examples are outliers, with more typical examples being Wizbirds Online and Helmet Heroes — serviceable platformers lacking in RPG mechanics and world and setting building.

SlimieOnline 2, a action platform MMORPG developed by a single developer from the Netherlands (Shaddovv), definitely has a rough-around-the-edges feel more akin to Wizbirds Online or Helmet Heroes than the highly-polished, large budget titles of this article’s opening. After a January 18th, 2014 release, four additional patches were released with the latest patch releasing February 9th, 2014. This is where I discovered an updated version using an updated engine was released. I also discovered a post from Shaddovv at this time stating the following:

“We hebben een beetje slecht nieuws. De laatste tijd komt er meer druk op ons te zitten en begint het project niet echt meer op een hobby te lijken.”

This roughly translates to English as: “We have bad news. Lately there has been more pressure on us and the project is no longer just a hobby.” The usage of “we” and “us” implies multiple people working on this project.

A new version was developed up to June 15th, 2016 when the project was announced as ending, with the GameMaker Studio source files released to the public: link here

Initial Version (Old Engine)

The initial version of SlimieOnline 2 offered content in a few grassland, woodland outdoor areas and a cave area. Two bosses, a big tree trunk and a giant worm, can be defeated with time and utilizing gameplay and environmental quirks. I made it to level 23 and with nothing further to do, provided the title with an initial score and conducted some additional background research for the purpose of this article. Despite being fun for an hour, the lack of content and easily-exploitable gameplay mechanics pushed this title into the not recommended range.

Final Version (New Engine)

With the new engine release came documents outlining various classes, background lore, zones / areas, and more. The PDF documents in their native dutch are available here:

Unfortunately, I was unable to get the final release of the new engine version to load. I will revisit this in the future when I have a compatible copy of Gamemaker Studio to use.

Final Thoughts

It’s a shame the final release of the updated version of SlimieOnline 2 failed to load. The new zones, additional bosses, and gear upgrades, as well as additional classes and the addition of lore, would have turned this into a more interesting experience. As is, it’s an interesting example of a resource-limited team creating an MMO that takes into consideration resource limitations. If you enjoy 2D action platform MMOs, check this out. It’ll provide an hour of entertainment and perhaps inspire a budding developer in the creation of the truly amazing, genre-defining 2D action platform MMO that’s been lacking all of these years.



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