Rodina is Proud of You Comrade Boom Games, But It’s Time to Get a Real Job

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3 min readJul 31, 2022

The Russian asset flip. Steam is overcrowded with these, ones from Asia, and many from other places in the world. Pretty sure these developers are at least from a former Soviet state, if not Russia itself, given many of their games have Russian titles. Let’s take a look at the one I purchased for 49 cents on sale: BORIS RUSSIAN BEAR. (Yes, it’s all caps!)

This artwork is both awesome and complete garbage. Awesome because bear and Soviet / Russian stereotypes and symbols. Unfortunately, a perusal of this developers other offerings on Steam doesn’t instill confidence.

I’ll get getting some, if not all, of these at some point. “He Will Shoot”, “It follows you”, “Your Sword is So Big”, and yet another Russian life simulator all seem to have potential of the so-bad-it’s-good variety. We shall see.

From ANNOYING CROW, Steam user.

This is a meme game. Escape hard closes the game from anywhere in it (no exiting to the menu apparently). There aren’t any options or settings to configure so you are stuck with whatever the developer felt you needed (which includes motion blur to the max). The guns have a ridiculous amount of recoil. The game is poorly optimized. Had to move my mouse across the desk twice just to do basic movement when mouse sensitivity is often serviceable in other Unity games.

From Steam user ~>{FierceRage}<~

Gameplay is of the wave shooter variety. Kill the same enemies over and over. No real explanation why, but as a Russian bear — I’m assuming one is not required. This would be worth the 10 minutes of laughs and gun fighting if it was a free game and it provided basic configuration settings. As is, it’s too expensive at the 49 cents I paid or the 99 cents full price.

If you take the time to manually configure the settings, you can get some good…



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