Random Steam MMO & Multiplayer Games (Part #4)

I went into today’s article with a plan — I would make a list of the worst 10–15 games in my Steam library and pull the worst 2 or 3 from the list and then pulll 1 to 3 more to pad out content of random ones that are interesting or unique in some way. The end result after the first three games is what I should have expected — all three failed to load. No single player content and requires a centralized server that hasn’t been offered in quite some time with these companies. Oh well.

#01 Primordium — Day Zero (Behron Georgantas / Fractum Innovations, December 2019)

Reviews: 18% positive out of 11 reviews (2 positive, 9 negative).

Population had an all-time peak of 5. This product despite having severe optimization issues, game-breaking bugs, and almost no content, it was offered for sale at one point. It was one young man still fairly new to game development, with a plan to create some sort of Elite Dangerous meets FPS meets MMORPG / survival game. The overly ambitious game failed with hardly anything accomplished.

A broken client, lots of bad reviews, some messages attempting to be a cheerleader to him, and then the letter that ended the project:

No response about refunds when asked. The issue wasn’t the other games on the market, it was his game not being anywhere near an early access build. I hope it proved to be a learning experience and next time he tries something a bit more reasonable, like a 2.5D RPG with a couple of refined systems.’’

I did geta chance to try this game out a few months before it closed down. It was buggy, had horrible frame drops,a nd was devoid of content. It showed the very earliest signs of talent but definitely nowhere near the talent necessary to pull that project off.

#2 Hide vs. Seek (Brave Little Studios, August 2017)

Reviews: 33% positive out of 600 total reviews.

This game had it’s own style and some semblance of design but never really caught on The developers were already radio silent in less than y ear from the time they released the game. It had potential with additional work for a specific sub-genre of game Oh well2

and the 3rd choice failed as well…

#3 Cannons Lasers Rockets (Net Games / Net Games, 2014)

Reviews: 24% after 526 reviews.

This title should have been released without so many bugs, should have been marketed better, etc. It had actual backing. However, the population died off quickly and the project was left abandoned on Steam, where it continues to amass negative reviews as a result of still being offered for download.

So, three unfinished games that had botched launches. Next time, I have some interesting finds from the very, very bottom of Steam to discuss.

And obviously, don’t buy any of these games.



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