Random Steam Games — REBEL

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3 min readOct 21, 2022

I’ve selected a few Steam titles under $5. Are any of them actually worth your time?

REBEL is a first person shooter by LTZinc whose other offerings include such quality titles as Furry Meow, Sex with Teacher, The Killer of Dishonor, and Hentai Big Tits (see Appendix A for a more complete list). They seem to offer games for furries, adult games for non-furries, retro-looking FPS titles, and miscellaneous titles that look like asset flips. REBEL is one of the FPS titles.

The initial presentation screams “built with a kit". It’s reminiscent of that FPS creation kit from the 90s except much, much worse in quality. The graphics, sound, and music sort of fit together, but none of it is good. It’s like Depth Dwellers made by a non-developer using only assets rated under under 3/5 and free from the last page of a Unity Store search.

The controls are not rebindable. Ever try to play Wolfenstein 3D with both a keyboard and mouse? This requires that setup and is even worse. Bullets only travel a small fraction of the distance across the room, too.

Level design consists of mazes akin to typical Pie-in-the-Sky Game Creation System (PitS GCS) titles from the 90s (see example below). The low quality is not noticeable only because the rest of the game is so awful.

For less than $2, you get about 2 minutes of laughs, 1 minute of frustration, and 3 minutes of waiting so you can leave a deservedly bad review on Steam.

Appendix A



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