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And finally trying to get some subscribers!

I could use a bit of extra income. Our game preservation project has operating expenses around $120 per month which used to be adequately covered through royalty payments for articles and books written by me. The pandemic, inflation, the two books being about a topic that’s no longer covered as much in the media (royalty payments are way down), and the need to increase storage space and purchase other technology upgrades necessitates additional income. Time to come up with a plan and resurrect / refocus existing projects!

I am the main co-founder of the Aun Collective, a game, music, and occasionally other artistic and cultural artifact collector and preservationist. We currently store about 300 TB of game files, music, movies, software, ebooks, and more. Our music collection is approaching 60,000 recordings. Many items are uploaded to, YouTube, and related preservationist groups. With respect to gaming, I tend to focus on indie titles on Steam,, Gamejolt, and related online platforms, games created using game creation kits from the 80s and 90s (i.e. Pinball Construction Set, Pie in the Sky 3D, ZZT, Game Maker), games created using languages often not associated with gaming (i.e. REBOL, Tcl/tk), and games for operating systems often not associated with gaming (i.e. AROS, OS/2, BeOS / Haiku, MorphOS, TempleOS). Some of our finds are available on

Our music collecting tends to focus on obscure, avant garde, unique, and odd albums and miscellaneous recordings. The Greater Lafayette / Indianapolis area of Indiana is an area of focus as well, with the Midwest in general being a somewhat lesser, but still important, part of our collection. We specifically collect Tom Waits, Frank Zappa, Bjork, Nick Cave, Venetian Snares, Aphex Twin, and Boards of Canada recordings. Recently, we’ve expanded the collection to include a lot of world music. A few of the lesser-known albums we’ve posted to YouTube are here:

The plan is to write at least two gaming-related articles, two music-related articles, and a monthly update on the Aun Collective on here. I’m considering whether I’ll be including addictions / recovery, medical, and sociopolitical topics on here or keep those pieces elsewhere.

Hopefully there’s something interesting to you or at least some good music or a game to check out on the other sites. Enjoy.. and please subscribe! :)



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