Documenting the Aun Music Collection #02: What’s On My Phone?

As I sort through our music collection, I’ve discovered lots of albums I’ve never listened to. Found a lot of artists that I’ve never listened to as well. I’ve been copying a few albums at a time over to my phone, mixed in with some that I have already heard and enjoy. I’ll discuss each in a few sentences below. [NOTE: Look for part 2 for additional albums.]

Algebra Mothers — Strawberry Cheesecake (2019 re-issue, original released 1979)

The Midwest is often glossed over when discussing music history, despite numerous influential bands emerging from the region. Algebra Mothers emerged from the Detroit punk rock/early new wave scene in the late 70s, disappearing after only releasing a two-track CD. Luckily, Jack White (of The White Stripes and other projects) re-released it along with a full-length album of live tracks on his record label.

Both tracks on Strawberry Cheesecake are catchy yet complex — a rare combination. As with many artists of the proto-punk era, it sounds like a revival of late 60s rock yet with 80s elements incorporated. It’s a shame they didn’t produce more music.

My time is up for the day and suffering from a migraine, so I’ll continue this article tomorrow. The remaining albums cover a variety of genres including post-rock, free jazz, shoegaze, indie rock/pop, roots rock, jungle, world, breakcore, vaporwave, and many other genres.



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