Documenting the Aun Music Collection #01: First Album Uploads to YouTube [March 2022]

We’ve shifted our focus for the time being to music preservation and as such, have started utilizing and YouTube as two places to upload rare, out-of-print, obscure, and underappreciated albums. Here’s a quick rundown on what we posted in March. All rights retained by holder(s) for the albums and associated artwork, etc. I’m just a fan and amateur musicologist.

I’m foregoing any rating or grading system for now except for 1 to 2 sentences summarizing my opinion of the album.

Mendelayev’s Acid Dreams (2007) [Russia]

Mendelayev, with current releases on Bandcamp through Art-Tek Records (, brings back nostalgia for the earlier days of drum & bass, breakbeat, and similar styles of electronic dance music. At it’s peaks, the tracks are well-composed, unique, interesting, and both intelligently-crafted and quite dance-able. At it’s worst, it’s still serviceable breaks and d’n’b. The problem is it’s high points are more scarce than it’s low points, making this album mostly drone on seemingly too long.

Definitely still an above average album but not one that is necessary to pick up except for those specifically passionate about drum & bass, breakbeat, and IDM.

Chester Chicken — Clucking the Classics

This is one of those “so awful and ridiculous it’s hilariously good” type of albums. It’s very barebones instrumental renditions of traditional songs, song titles modified to fit a coherent chicken-theme, and buk-buks, bukkaws, and clucks instead of words. That album art work is brilliant, too!

Should you buy this record because it’s the greatest music ever composed? Definitely not. However, I’ll take Chester Chicken buk-buk-bukkawing through songs over whatever is often played on mainstream radio stations nowadays.

It’s objectively not good but was entertaining nonetheless. It’s a strange novelty album that if played loudly, will help your unwanted spouse move out and voluntarily file for a divorce.

That’s it for now! April 2022 had lots of albums posted to YouTube and, as well as additional discoveries. As I get back into writing regularly, my contributions here will be a bit more frequent. Hope everyone is having a great day!



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