Closed Beta Test Public Logs

I finaly had a solid period of about 5 to 6 hours to really buckle down and test the features of Arcane Waters. When I tried to login, I noticed the server was down and when I checked the Discord, my initial fears were justified: closed beta session is over. Oh well.

What I noticed about this build was the animation and general quality of the pixel art was definitely much better than I’ve come to expect over the years from a smaller project. It definitely had the look-and-feel of a professional project, not a hobbyist learning about game development and art design while using Ascension or a similar engine (no offense intended for that or other engines of that ilk). The soundtrack sounded like a professionally composed track. The quest markers were obvious enough to not get lost right away, while not being so in-your-face as to destroy immersion. Mouse and keyboard keys responded without notable input lag. I didn’t notice any server lag of significance either.

And well, that’s about it. I’ll be ready next session!


There’s a post online where someone in the early-to-mid 2000s inquires about whether or not it would be possible to build an MMORPG using the SOURCE engine — basically as a fairly complex Half-Life 2 mod. The responses were what you’d expect: a split between “Wow that’s cool but I don’t think it’ll work” and “it definitely won’t work. can’t be done”. Well, the Infestus project begs to differ and in my initial experience, appears to be adequately proving the dissenters wrong.

Character creation (seen above) is very simplistic thus far but works adequately. I ensured I could login to a server, I could create my own server and login, and finally spent some time testing the basic keys to see if there was any input lag. So far, the basics of the game seem to be functional. We’ll revisit this game in more depth soon.

We’ll check back in to these 2 games and Piratopia tomorrow!



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