Buried Gems, Acceptably Average & At Least Playable Steam Games [Part 1 — Vektor Z]

Our quest to exceed 200 Steam game reviews in 2022 is seemingly off to a rough start. We have played:

  • 1 Clearly Recommended title
  • 6 Average & Playable, Conditionally Recommended titles
  • 8 Not Recommended but with a Few Tweaks, Could be Acceptably Average titles
  • 36 Not Recommended Due to Severe Issues (Stolen content, No Meaningful GamePlay Loop or End Conditions, Abandoned in a Grossly Unfinished State, Broken, etc)



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Aun Collective

Aun Collective

We are a game preservationist, archivist, design and writing collective, focusing on multiplayer and massively multiplayer games. Also music preservation!