Aunnah’s Adventures in Crowns of Power

Day #02

Goal for the day: Achieve character level 10 and make it to a new region.

We failed to hit yesterday’s goal of reaching level 10. The initial questing experience and XP gain is quite mundane, resembling a generic, low budget take on World of Warcraft of the patch 1.12 / Classic-at-release era. It’s not objectively bad — just not generally captivating for someone who has played hundreds of similar games over nearly two decades. Some examples of quests (descriptions are summarized) we completed include:

  • Kill 10 spiker warriors.
  • Collect 10 leather pouches (awarded with a less than 1.0 drop rate from killing spikers).
  • Collect 4 flour, 4 hops, and 4 water (flour is a less than .25 drop rate loot item and the other 2 are available randomly in the environment).
  • Kill 15 bears and loot 15 furs (text description says 20 bears must be killed).
“Go and slay 20 Grizzly Bears…” & ”-GRIZZLY BEAR: 2/15 killed” is one of many examples of typos strewn throughout Crowns of Power.

The initial quests are slow-going but aren’t difficult to complete. Once you reach level 10 or so, quests for boss creatures start becoming more common. One such quest required killing a level 17 spiker boss that I had essentially no chance against solo, which is in part due to my build likely being sub-optimal but it was also clearly developed to be completed as part of a group.

Models definitely have an early-to-mid 2000s quality to them. The environmental textures, while varying in quality quite a bit, are as least thematically consistent.
Spikers are one of the more interesting species in early game. Not sure of their place in lore, though. Nailtooth is one of the easiest of initial zone bosses, though

We went back to the green magic skill trainer and discovered after-the-fact that we needed reagents we had sold to the shops. I recommend looking through what reagents you’ll need for the spells you want to acquire and not sell them to the shops early on. We acquired two new spells as well as the ability to have a combat pet snake.

Our snake friend is to the left of the player character.

We found an easy exploit to the undead kill task early on — just draw aggro of a group of undead, make sure to hit each one you want credit for at least once, and drag back to the area with Sheriff Paxton. The guard and sheriff will kill the creatures and you’ll get quest credit

Difficulty spike early on resulted in a few deaths.

We ended today’s journey by making it one zone over. That zone consisted opf a large, open village seemingly designed in not enough buildings, people, and other objects and too much open, unused terrain. Two other players were in this area. Further testing showed that the /who command only lists player characters in the specific zone you are in, not server-wide. That makes sense, and it’s good to see other players are at least present on the PvE server.

I’m uncertain how far I will be playing these games, given the goal is not to do a full assessment of them (unlike Before Azeroth, where the goal is to see how well the classics hold up in modern times) but to provide a bit of free marketing for games that have been resurrected from a closure. For those seeking a back-to-the-basics Western-style 3D fantasy MMO of mid-00s design quality and philosophy, this game might be a new one to check out. So far, it definitely hasn’t exhibited much to really separate itself from other MMORPGs.



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