Aun Music on YouTube #2

We’re going way back to the start of April to cover some albums we’ve posted long ago. Hopefully there are likes, comments, and other feedback. Let’s begin with another oddity of yesteryear’s music releases:

Temple City Kazoo Orchestra — Some Kazoos (1978)

This band has a very limited documented history, seemingly only being active in 1978. Their only documented shows are during the later half of 1978. High school kids founded this band and it’s not entirely clear why kazoos. Perhaps this is a joke band?

Given the limitations of kazoos, this album is quite an impressive feat. “Whole Lotta Love” (Led Zeppelin) and other covers are played with with quite a bit of skill. It’s not a simple task to perform cover songs with nothing but kazoos, but this band did it. It’s more novelty than a nice listen, but is a must have if you are a collector.

Charlie the Hamster Sings Good Ole Gospel Music (1978)

Here we go.. it’s a Christian kids album. The singing isn’t terrible but it doesn’t seem very hamster-like. No comment here except that it’s not for me.

Out of time! Be back tomorrow with more album coverage!



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