Welcome to the profile of the Aun Collective, an organization whose mission is to preserve video games, music, and other cultural artifacts. We tend to focus on indepdendent, obscure, hobbyist, and similar projects -- the projects most likely to be lost to time.

This Medium account includes work primarily completed by Aun Egg (aka Matt Knouff). We also have a website that's in dire need of development at https://www.auncollective.org.

More content & other social media links:

Musicas Oscuras: https://musicasoscuras.blogspot.com/

Hoosier Music: https://hoosiermusic.blogspot.com/

Simily: https://simily.auncollective.org/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aunegg/

Youtube: https://youtube.auncollective.org

Discord: https://discord.auncollective.org

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Aun Collective

We are a game preservationist, archivist, design and writing collective, focusing on multiplayer and massively multiplayer games. Also music preservation!