A Steam Game Per Day (Feb 20th-28th)

Aun Collective
4 min readMar 1, 2023

Let’s close out Februrary by checking out some MMORPGs we’ve yet to play.

Let’s see how the MMORPG genre is doing. Huabing is some sort of open world martial arts-themed MMORPG, allegedly. Don’t actually know given it doesn’t connect to the authentication server to create an account. The only positive review is from ANNOYING CROW which is a sarcastic remark about Bing the search engine. Nothing to see here.

“The beginning of an exciting MMORPG” is the entire description, sitting at 18% recent and 25% all-time. It’s just a low end predatory mobile MMORPG. Avoid.

Shrine of the Spirits is essentially just a less bad version of ASU Global. It’s another mobile MMORPG with autoplay mechanics and pay-to-win mechanics. Avoid this one too.

Eternal Kingdom Battle Peak is yet another generic mobile port of an autoplay fantasy MMORPG. It has all of the negative aspects of this class of games. Avoid.

Another mobile MMORPG ported to Steam. Admittedly, this one was ported with more care than usual but it’s still clearly a game designed for mobile. The first hour-and-a-half was nothing but cringe dialog and attempts to skip cutscenes.

It is the first game on this list that has any semblance of redeeming qualities. If you enjoyed the mobile game, you might enjoy this. Otherwise, skip this one as well.



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