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3 min readFeb 27, 2023


A Steam Game Per Day (Feb 13th-19th)

I’m going to catch up on this game per day series with two articles to close out February. Here’s the first.

A puzzle platformer with retro styled graphics that’s quite well done. Controls are spot on, levels are designed quite well, and it offers ample challenge for all skill levels.

8/10 — Recommended

1982 is a unique take on schmups and Space Invaders. It’s hectic pace, numerous powerups, and enemy variety keep this one interesting for awhile. Definitely worth checking out if you enjoy classic arcade games.

My Label Game Studio are known to be serial asset flippers, uploading the same game template with some minor changes multiple times. The Maverta games are not any different.

This lazy take on Sokoban isn’t the worst thing ever, but I can’t recommend such a below average title that the developer essentially stole from elsewhere. Avoid.

By the same developer / set of developers behind Maverta City. Instead of Sokoban, this one is just a series of puzzles with stolen art. Avoid.

Atomik Fabrik, one of the most ridiculous of the asset flippers on Steam, released this lazy template-based tower defense title. It works but it wasn’t developed by the people who are selling it. Even if they did create it, it’s very below average. Avoid.

Also avoid the following games:




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