A Steam Game Per Day 2023 (March 2nd & 3rd)

Aun Collective
2 min readMar 4, 2023

This Steam game per day experiment is likely to come to an end after this month due to many games I want to cover requiring more than a brief period of play. We’ll see. Until then, we shall soldier on.

Multiplayer-only free roam 3D snakes game — the game everyone has always dreamt of, right? Not exactly. The graphics consist of mostly 2d objects with a very basic snake (that is 3d), making perspective hard to track. The playfield is also quite large and there’s no backdrop to facilitate in seeing the perspective as 3D properly. Considering you have to get the other free roaming snake to hit you, you’ll spend most of your time missing pellets and coasting around bored.

I can assure you that most games are not as interesting as the above from the developer. Avoid this one because the fundamental concept behind the game is flawed and the actual implementation leaves much to be desired. It’s free at least, though. It’s also in beta so there’s still a chance it could be improved.

3/10 — It’s playable and unique. That’s about it.

This is yet another university project game uploaded to Steam — this time a capstone project from Northeastern University. This title is multiplayer-only and definitely feels more university project than well-crafted commercial project.

The controls are a bit loose and the game itself is very simplistic. The player just gathers objects and put them in a bin of the same color. The simplistic design does help create an experience that can be enjoyable in short bursts. It’s also free.

It’s an A or B university project but as a commercial title, it leaves much to be desired.




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