A Flood of Various Forms of Free Multiplayer Games!

Demos, time-limited full versions, completely free retail copies, and more were offered this weekend,on top of already adding close to 2,000 additional PC and Android titles to the archive. Let’s see what’s available!

#1 WWI Verdun Western Front [2015, PC-Win,OSX]

Very Positive — 87% with over 26,000 reviews.

Squad-based tactical FPS during World War I with lots of focus on realism without being overly boring like many pure simulators can be to the non-fanatic. I’ll revisit this game one day when I have more time. Download it from the Epic Store before Thursday, July 29th, and it’s yours to keep from here: https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/p/verdun

#2 Battlefield 1 (2016, PC-Win, PS4, Xbone)

Very Positive, 82% positive with over 26,000 reviews.

An oddly more polished yet overall inferior version of the above. Some might prefer it’s slightly more arcade feel. I don’t and I personally preferred most of the other Battlefield games up to this point over BF1. Even the free deal here is inferior — a mere weekend versus a copy ot keep for a lifetime of #1. Get your weekend here: steam://install/1238840

#3 Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 [PC-win, Switch, PS4/5, xbox, Stadia]

Free weekend during same weekend as the free Battlefront 1 weekend.

#4 Arcane Waters (PC-Steam, planned late 2021 — currently in closed beta testing)

It’s still got a ways to go. I’m abe to play as a closed beta particiant. Check them out on the web to sign up!

#5 Piratopia (PC-Steam,Closed Beta testing in progress)

This title seems a less complete than the above and a bit more simple arcade pirate battles over more complex roleplay, but I’ve just began both.

#6 Lemnis Gate closed beta testing (PC, PS5, XBOX)

And let’s finish this list off with 4 new free games that have already dropped by 4:00am EST on Saturday, July 24th on Steam:

#7 Farmageddon: A Cattle Royale — a barnyard battle royale!

#8 Super UFO Fighter Demo (PC-Steam)

#9 Coridden Demo (PC-Steam)

#10 Alliance of the Sacred Suns Demo (PC-Steam)

There you all go! Ten free games. Some demos, some limited access, some AAA for free forever, and a mix in between. Hope you all enjoy!



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