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Aun Collective

Medieval Towns

A review of our rating system:

  • MakerKing
  • Megania Online
  • SupercupOnline
  • Super Nova Stadium

Super Nova Stadium

#7 Best in the West [2.5]

City of Chaos Online [Android]

Lots of cheesy dialogue that’s at least natively in English or well-translated.

These are some blocky and ridiculous looking assets, but to the credit of the designer — it’s coherent and fits the general tone of the game. It’s also fairly unique compared to other “voxel-inspired” titles.

Initial Experience

  • Phoenix Dynasty 2 — Complaints about servers being inaccessible on Steam since February of this year.
  • Arc the Lad M, Dragon’s Quest Rivals Ace, Dragon’s Quest: Quest of the Stars all closed earlier this year. I just missed the announcements.

Aun Collective

We are a game preservationist, archivist, design and writing collective, focusing on multiplayer and massively multiplayer games.

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